A breakthrough non-invasive fat removal treatment.


Sit comfortably and relax while your fat is being selectively targeted and disrupted. The industry’s largest spot size covers the abdomen from flank to flank, cumulatively improving circumferential reduction. The treatment session is short and pleasant, targets problem areas on the body that are resistant to diet, and exercise and is suitable for any body type.



  • permanent fat reduction

  • our machines are BRAND NEW and uses the latest technology

  • no damage to nerves, muscles and skin on the treatment area

  • industry’s largest treatment area (flank to flank)

  • targets the inner and outer thighs

How it works

Non-invasive radio frequency technology delivers deep heating up to 45C to the layer of adipose tissue (fat) below the skin via an adjustable panel that hovers over the targeted area of unwanted fat .

The high heat effectively induces fat cell apoptosis (cell death). The cells lipid contents get released into the surrounding space and are collected into the lymph system, and over time, your body naturally eliminates the fat from the treated area.

Combine EmShape with this treat for even quicker results, increased muscle tone and fat reduction.


How long does it take to see results?

Based on clinical studies in Europe, patients may report an improvement in their waistline as soon as 2 weeks following the last (fourth) treatment with Vanquish Body Contouring.


What should I expect following my treatment?

According to clinical studies, patients experienced approximately 2 inches of fat loss off their waist circumference. Individual results will vary.  Some patients may experience mild weight loss, although this does not always occur.

Animal studies using Vanquish demonstrated a 60% reduction in fat in the areas of treatment.  Human studies are currently underway to measure the decrease in fat thickness using ultrasound measurements.


What happens to fat cells after they are treated by Vanquish BC?

Fat cells that undergo apoptosis (the natural form of cell death) are broken down by our own body’s scavenger cells, filtered through the lymphatic system, metabolized by the liver, and finally eliminated from the body, primarily through urine.


Who is a poor candidate for Vanquish BC?  Are there contraindications?

Individuals with a metal or implantable device should not be treated with Vanquish.  Women who are pregnant or breast feeding cannot undergo treatment with Vanquish.


Is Vanquish safe?  Are there any side effects from this treatment?

Yes, Vanquish is safe for deep tissue indicating as validated by animal and human studies.

There are very few side effects from Vanquish treatment.  A “hot spot” may occur if Vanquish is positioned too close to a bony area of the body.  This is remedied by repositioning the Vanquish panel around the body.

During treatment, patient’s skin may warm causing light perspiration that can attract heat, leading to an increased warmth sensation.  To avoid this or the opportunity for a skin burn, the individual is monitored during treatment and excess sweat is removed mid-way through the treatment.


Can Vanquish BC hurt my skin or internal organs?

Vanquish Body Contouring is very safe and has built-in safety measures to ensure patient comfort and health during treatment.  The high frequency nature of the device preferentially targets fat.  Skin, sweat glands, hair follicles, muscle, and internal organs are not affected by treatment, as proven by clinical studies of the Vanquish Body Contouring device.

If the skin accumulates moisture during treatment, or if the Vanquish panels are positioned too close to an underlying bone, the patient could feel a “hot spot” on the skin.  The panel is simply re-positioned and perspiration on the skin is removed by the operator if needed to ensure that treatment is comfortable.

The Vanquish BC device continually adjusts the level of energy delivered to the tissues through feedback mechanisms and monitoring of the tissues.


Is fat loss permanent following this treatment?

Yes, as Vanquish Body Contouring causes apoptosis (cell death) of fat cells, affected cells are permanently eliminated.  So long as weight and diet are maintained, the results following Vanquish Body Contouring are likely to be permanent.


What happens if I gain weight following this treatment?

Diet and exercise maintenance are encouraged following Vanquish Body Contouring treatment.  An increase in weight will allow fat stores to accumulate.  This may occur disproportionately in areas untreated by Vanquish.


*Clinical results of all The Body Clinic treatments may vary depending on many factors including, but not limited to medical history, an individual’s response to treatment, patient compliance with pre and post treatment instructions or changes in medical condition prior to, during or after treatment has been completed. Results may also vary with different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones. Completion of a full treatment series is necessary to maximise treatment efficacy and while most patients get excellent results, each patient is different and there is no guarantee as to the success or duration of success that clients may experience. Results of treatments may be improved with proper diet, and increased physical activity.

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